Osama Did It - Get A Life !!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Something else is fishy:

OK let's for hypothetical reasons say GW and the "Conspiracy Guys" are the smartest, most capable, best-people-in-history-to-keep-a-secret dudes that they would have to be to have pulled off this one.

Now let's get to the "demolition" part.

First, how would they have gotten ALL that demolition equipment into the building "sight unseen?" No one in security saw anything. It's in the middle of damn Manhattan (not really the middle but you get the point.) There were hundreds of security cameras in the building, and hundreds of people around there all the time. Were these demolition guys INVISIBLE NINJAS?

Second, why would you CARE that the buildings fell down straight? Demolition is used to blow buildings down into their own footprint, so as to limit damage to surrounding areas. If they are intent on killing THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE, why would they CARE that the building fell down on itself at all? Let if fall sideways and take out ten city blocks, the more the merrier, right? If they had no care for human life anyway, all they needed to do was to blow up the feet and let the towers fall sideways !!!

Third, once again, how did they hide the evidence AFTER the explosion? They had no control over who was down there cleaning up. As far as they knew, maybe 50 people with demolition credentials would have been down there cleaning up. all it took was ONE GUY finding ONE PIECE of evidence and saying, "Hey, wait a minute! This building was demolished !!!"



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