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Thursday, August 03, 2006

More about the simple tower collapse, brought on by weakened steel:

The conspiracy theory regarding the collapse of WTC is ridiculous and ignores basic principles of physics. The idea that only controlled explosions, pre-planted by some far-ranging conspiracy, could bring the towers down makes poor fiction at best.

How could the World Trade Center buildings collapse straight down? How could they have done otherwise? The World Trade Center Towers were over 200 feet on each side. To tip over, they would have had to bend or lean over 100 feet first to shift the center of gravity sufficiently to tip over.

How can such a building collapse in less than ten seconds? How can stuff fall through concrete and steel almost as fast as a free fall? Easy, drop the top 50 floors down on the next floor. As the building collapsed, the entire mass of the upper floors hit each floor in succession. The mass was huge; the momentum inexorable. Thats why the collapse shows a very brief initial slowness as the floor where the plane struck buckled, and then not much resistance at all after that.

Pulverized concrete can only come from an explosion? How about dropping hundreds of floors of concrete from a great height. Welcome to pulverization.

Oh one more... why haven't other skyscrapers collapsed during fires? Because they burn from one area to another: The drapes catch fire, flashover temperature is reached, and everything in the initial room burns. The girders are heated. The fire spreads to adjacent rooms. The initial burn room begins to cool because there is no fuel left. The girders cool and regain strength. The whole floor does not burn and weaken at once during a normal fire. In the WTC towers, 10,000 gallons of jet fuel was sprayed through the entire floor by the impact of the aircraft and ignited at once, weakening the central group of columns. The horizontal trusses collapsed, and then no longer supported the columns at the perimeter of the building. These are likely the "explosions" supposedly heard by survivors. Once the outer and inner columns no longer had lateral support to hold them vertically, they failed, and the rest is history. The towers were not verticle sticks to tip over, but webs of interacting elements that failed and turned to mush.

The collapse of WTC has been investigated and described by many individual engineers and groups of engineers from many backgrounds, countries, and across the political spectrum. The vast majority agree on how these simple principles of physics brought down the towers. Fire was the culprit (or more accurately heat energy), and the fact that fireproofing systems were disrupted by the impact of the aircraft was critical.


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