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Monday, September 11, 2006

Dr. Stephen Jones, Conspiracy Advocate, On the Hot Seat


Looks like all those "Mormons in the Bush Administration" have some pull at BYU, LOL! Dr. Jones might need to reconsider his ridiculous opinion to keep his job. Even if he is not fired (which is doubtful) this will surely lead to more of his peers looking disdainfully upon him, which is good news for TRUE academia.


  • I'm so sorry for you. Why don't you care? Are you rich? Do you think your one of the elite? Or do you just not know? Was the whole idea of this too big for you from the start, so you set out to disprove it? I mean, I had and maintain some doubts, but I set out to find the TRUTH for myself. For my own heart, because what happened that day destroyed my heart and though some of the pain of that has subsided, it will never be the same. In my path for TRUTH, I've found numerous credible doubts that I am unable to rationalize away. I want to know how you deal with tehse things, I'll purpose a small list to start with, the things that effect me most.

    1. The collapses, after just an hour .
    2. Why did Norad chase fake blips all day? Everyone knew there was a terrorist attack, who was entering those blips on the radar after the terrorist attack was publicly known?

    I understand that you may not have a background in Steel and Concrete construction, but that is one of my personal area's of knowledge, so maybe that one isn't really a good one, but #2 kills me. Even more so after reading the latest Norad stuff that has come to light.

    Though despite the events themselves, you can also draw conclusions from the actions after the fact. One thing that really bothers me that I wasn't even aware until this 9-11. Why did the Administration fight the investigation so hard? Why did the fight the victim's families for so long before even starting a commission? Then putting Kissenger on there first? Come on, it's like they publicly said something isn't right here. Here is the guy that says we've made you all useless eaters and now he's going to tell you the TRUTH of 9-11. I mean why have such actions? We know they lied about WMD, god if you don't know that then I don't know if your worth anyones efforts anymore. So we know that 9-11 happened, we blew up afghanistan, replanted there poppy crop. Then, proceeded to make up some crap about WMD in iraq, we send this guy no know had heard of at the time, (joe wilson) to check out the info, he come's back and says eh it's a no go and his cia-wife's name accidently appears in the paps. Oh yeah, we spy on americans now, but it's for freedom, oh yeah we tortured like 50 or so people to death, but it's for freedom! Oh yeah, our major cell phone providers killed 6-7million people in congo over the last 10 years, but you can talk to anyone ANYWHERE, well less those 6-7 million people, but hey they probabyl couldn't afford the new RAZR v3 anyway huh? Oh yeah we're also genticly modifing your food, but eh we made a law where we don't have to tell you which ones we modify and btw it kills like 30% of the rats we tried it on, but hey we are over populated and uhm running out of oil possibly so that's a GOOD thing! Oh don't forget we VETOed the UN resolution that would of stopped Isreal from blowing the FUCK out of lebanon. But hey, why do those arabs even live there anyway, don't they know ISREAL decided that was there land like 50 years ago?! That's like forever ago! Oh I hope you don't really care about your vote counting, i know we're the model for democracy in the world but hey there's almost 300mil of us who has time to count the votes, let the machines deside! they are the DESIDER! Oh btw would you like to come waterboarding with me sometime? I heard from this guy in gitmo, it's a fantastic sport! Might even make the next summer games!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:26 PM  

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  • My God! That is without doubt the most jumbled froth of cognitive vomit I have ever read [re: Anon 1]. You seem to encounter reality and world news events with the glib detachment of an inebriated fairy. That's right - straight up ad hominem. That you could harbor such moronic opinions and parade them before the world with some sort of twisted intellectual pride is quite disconcerting - if not downright disturbing. Somehow, you gained the wherewithal to operate a PC and post a rambling nonsensical comment, but you cannot spell basic words and proper nouns. You project this arrogant, smarter-than-thou attitudinal perch that is so diametrically contradictory to your convoluted observations and discourse, that I'm not sure if I should laugh, cry or simply reconsider the plausibility of evolution in the human kingdom. America's shame at having elected Bush twice is matched only by the emergence and magnitude of the anti-rational 9/11 Ignorance Movement, cleverly misnomered as 'Truthers'. May God deliver us from the clutches of this egotistical, anti-intellectual, thought-killing plague.

    By Blogger robbes, at 5:21 AM  

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