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Friday, August 25, 2006

Summary of Common Sense Reasons Why the Towers Were Felled By OBL

Let's summarize the major points I have made in this blog.

1. If OBL 'did not do it' then why is he constantly saying he DID DO IT? And why are the Muslim extremists having meetings and praising ALLAH for the 9-11 attacks? Should they instead be praising Karl Rove?

2. To the people who think the fact that OBL is not listed by the FBI as "WANTED FOR THE 9-11 ATTACKS" - do you think the reason is that they KNOW HE DIDN'T DO IT so they are not listing him as a suspect? Don't you think THAT might kinda give away some of the secrecy of the fact that they are trying to HIDE that the government did it? Would it not make more common sense to LIST HIM AS A SUSPECT if you are trying to BLAME IT ON SOMEONE ELSE other than the government Invisible Ninjas who planted the explosives in WTC?

3. This demolition was done and not a SINGLE PIECE of trace evidence has shown up of the demolition - even on E-Bay? None of the thousands of cleanup workers found ANYTHING suspicious and pocketed it? So this was the MOST INVISIBLE demolition operation ever?

4. For Bush (who the haters keep saying is SO STUPID) to have pulled this off, he is not only one of the more capable and cunning people ever to walk the Earf, he is ALSO AT LEAST AS EVIL AS THE WWII GERMAN CHANCELLOR. Right? To kill thousands of innocent people on your own soil, and to cover it up, and for what reason? To make a few Rich Guys even Richer?

5. The collapse of WTC has been investigated and described by many individual engineers and groups of engineers from many backgrounds, countries, and across the political spectrum. The VAST majority agree on how these simple principles of physics brought down the towers. Fire was the culprit (or more accurately heat energy), and the fact that fireproofing systems were disrupted by the impact of the aircraft was critical. Science with a political motivation is not real science.

6. Say there WAS a big thermite-based bomb in the basement which aided in the speed of the collapse. Who's to say Osama's boys did not plant that one ahead of time? Just because we did not catch them in the act does not mean they couldn't have gained access and left a car or truck down there, right, on a timer? If we didn't find any other evidence of a "secret government demolition," then why would we have found this?

7. Assume that the Bush Administration DID perpetrate 9-11. What would that mean to the Democrats? What it would mean is this: the possible complete destruction of the Republican party. Every single Republican would get voted out of office. If a group of Senate or House Democrats took this conspiracy theory under their wings and were able to PROVE that it was a government job, that would mean the Democrats would take over the WORLD !!! So why has that not happened? Because the evidence to PROVE that it was an inside job IS NOT THERE. If it were there, the Democrats would have ALREADY run with it. So would have the media.

8. OK, so if there WERE NO hijackers, what were all those flight attendants and passengers ( who called family members and emergency numbers from the plane) talking about when they described "young, middle eastern men who have swarmed the cockpit and killed flight attendants" ?? Were THOSE CALLS FAKE TOO? Or were all those people WILLING PARTICIPANTS, who were coached as to what to say? The flight attendants whose fear was clearly recognizable in their voices - they were what, paid to fake it?

9. How about all the black box recordings? All Faked, too? How about the military and civilian air traffic controllers transcripts and recordings, some of which CLEARLY had middle eastern men with according accents speaking from the cockpits? All Faked? How about all the air traffic controllers who are now doing something else - did they all get paid off to "keep quiet?" Once again, those questions and the possible answers to them would mean a MASSIVELY secret, MASSIVELY successful coverup, involving HUNDREDS of people who are STILL ALIVE !!! All the people who were called from the planes, all the 911 operators who got calls, all the aircraft employees who were called by the flight attendants, all the air traffic controllers, all the cops and firemen and survivors of the WTC collapses. All these people are still LYING about it, even today? For what reason? So Dick Cheney's hunting buddies can get richer? It's nonsensical !!

10. "sounded like a bomb" absolutely does not mean BOMB. The morning of 8-8-2006 a construction accident occurred in downtown Phoenix. A portion of a two-story concrete parking building being demolished collapsed onto a worker. But here's why this event is in THIS blog: The first eye-witness interviewed said, "It sounded like a bomb went off. All I heard was this huge boom and I looked over and saw dust and smoke." So. A little corner portion of a small concrete parking garage collapses, and it "sounds like a bomb" going off. HHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Was it a bomb? No. I wonder what the sound of a 110-story concrete and steel building collapsing would sound like !!!!!! So I think any "hearsay" eye-witness accounts of people at Ground Zero hearing "bombs going off" can be completely discounted. It was the concrete pulverizing. When the commercial dumpster guy comes to my company and removes the full dumpster and "drops off" the empty one, when the empty one hits the ground, it sounds a LOT like a bomb going off. Is it a bomb? No.


  • The people that say they KNOW bush did it are in left field. But, that doesn't mean we don't deserve a real investigation. This is the worst thing to happen on American soil and all we get from the commission is about 500 more questions. You obviously haven't been concerned enough to truly investigate the numerous problems with the "Official" story. If you want to open the box you a residing within I can give you a few things to consider.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:35 PM  

  • I have certainly investigated "the numerous problems" with the Official Story and if you read the whole blog you will see the logic and common sense in play. Something that the conspiracy fellows have very little of in their versions of events.

    By Blogger Larry, at 7:49 AM  

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