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Saturday, August 19, 2006

"The Ceiling is Falling!!!"

One of the victims in the South Tower talking to his dad from the 103rd floor on his cell phone at the instant the South Tower started to fall.

Just like the engineers who built the building SAID it collapsed - floor upon floor like an accordion.

The pilots of the police helicopters saw GLOWING RED HOT BEAMS at the plane entrance moments before the North Tower collapsed, and they knew it was coming down and radioed it to the people below. That saved hundreds of people because the firemen and police then started moving people out and away quickly.

The Video also shows red hot flames at the bottom of the plane entrance right before the collapse.

This all from the A&E show "Anatomy of 9-11" which aired 8-19-2006.

Also: CNN Presents had a show about the terror war. It showed groups of radical young Islamists having meetings and CELEBRATING 9-11 AS A VICTORY FOR ISLAM. Should they be instead praising GEORGE BUSH, since HE knocked down the towers? Has George Bush been cheated out of all this free praise? Allah hopes not !!!


  • Your FUNNY...


    "Just like the engineers who built the building SAID it collapsed - floor upon floor like an accordion."

    HAHHAHHAHAHHAH...thats funny, do your homework before you make that kind of statement, and dont listen to FAUX NEWS either. The company in charge of testing the steel beams conducted 4 expirements after 9/11 and they concluded that it was nearly impossible for the petty jet fuel fire to do any sort of damage to the 48 inner beams that were built to withstand the entire weight of the building.

    ps: The 48 beams were 'ommited' from the 9/11 commision report.

    By Anonymous Diego R., at 5:55 PM  

  • where was the stack of the floors on the ground then? Pancakes do happen, but they leave stacks of floors, and as far as I know they only happen in earthquakes. Besides it's been proven by the speed at which the buildings fell that a pancake would of been impossible.

    If you want to learn something, thing about the concrete and where it went and how a downward force would cause it to turn into powder. Even though the concrete was contained in a steel pan underneath and some type of flooring above.

    It's not hard to see the Truth if you open your eyes. Doing something about it is the hard part. Because we run into people like you that either can't accept that this is a grave possibility that needs to be looked into openly.

    The mere fact that our government won't answer the questions we are asking, five years after the fact is reasonable grounds for suspecions. If you can't agree with that then your either and idiot or have no ability to use logic and reason, in either case you'd be a lossed cause and serve no purpose anyway. So wake up and help us, sure some of the people out there are crazy and have crazy idea, but a lot of us arn't and we need help because this shit is a lot to deal with on your own man.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:00 PM  

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