Osama Did It - Get A Life !!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Something else that is prevalent in the "conspiracy theorists" mentality

Many times, a person who brands themselves "intellectual" or fits into an "academic elitist" category will take on a socially compelling issue such as this for a boost to their own ego.

Because they want to believe they are "much smarter than the average USA citizen" they try to put on airs of "I'm smarter than you are, so I'm not going to fall for the Official Story like all you sheep are doing. Ha Ha Ha you silly sheep !!!"

This attitude is just mere, complete, unabashed POPPYCOCK.

There's nothing "smarter" about believing that someone who you feel is such a dumbass (George Bush) is capable of pulling off a successful secret attack such as 9-11.

And like I have said before - how many DOZENS or HUNDREDS of people would have had to be involved in such a cover-up? You think all those people can be kept silent? Dream on.


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