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Friday, August 04, 2006

More on the Hijackers:

As my post directly below this one proves, there were DEFINITELY ARAB hijackers on the 9-11 planes. I proved that point beond doubt, by asking my questions and providing the only possible answers.

Many of the "conspiracy sites" I have read say that "7 of the 19 supposed hijackers alive and well!" or statements similar to that.

Allow me to say how that does not matter AT ALL.

The way those terrorists use names and trade them around and use different identities all the time, to cover their illegal ways, WHO CARES WHAT NAMES THEY USED?

There were definitely "young arab men" on the planes, killing people, in the process dying for ALLAH. Can we ALL agree on THAT POINT? ( If you think there were not young arab men on the planes killing people, see my below post and then come back up here. )

Would they have died for GW Bush? ( Please allow me to stop "rolling on the floor laughing my tail off all night long" before I continue. )

So what do the conspiracy guys think? The CIA hired these guys to die so Dick Cheney's hunting buddies could get richer? You see how idiotic that sounds?


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