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Friday, August 04, 2006

This one is SO EASY to Refute:

I have seen a lot of "conspiracy talk" with variations on this theme:

"There were no Arab Hijackers on the planes at all" or
"Four of the supposed hijackers are still alive" or
"All we have is a grainy tape from Logan which could have been doctored" or
"No way those flight school dropouts could have piloted those planes so well" or
Etc Etc Etc.

Let's refute that with a few questions and answers:

1. OK, so if there WERE NO hijackers, what were all those flight attendants and passengers ( who called family members and emergency numbers from the plane) talking about when they described "young, middle eastern men who have swarmed the cockpit and killed flight attendants" ?? Were THOSE CALLS FAKE TOO? Or were all those people WILLING PARTICIPANTS, who were coached as to what to say? The flight attendants whose fear was clearly recognizable in their voices - they were what, paid to fake it?

2. How about all the black box recordings? All Faked, too? How about the military and civilian air traffic controllers transcripts and recordings, some of which CLEARLY had middle eastern men with according accents speaking from the cockpits? All Faked?

Once again, those questions and the possible answers to them would mean a MASSIVELY secret, MASSIVELY successful coverup, involving HUNDREDS of people who are STILL ALIVE !!! All the people who were called from the planes, all the 911 operators who got calls, all the aircraft employees who were called by the flight attendants.

All these people are LYING about it, even today? For what reason? So Dick Cheney's hunting buddies can get richer? It's nonsensical !!

This little refutation has got me thinking again about HOW MUCH OF AN INSULT it is to the people who DIED ( many who were probably LOYAL AMERICANS who TRUSTED THEIR GOVERNMENT to take care of them, and with GOOD REASON ) to accuse that same government of perpetrating such an atrocity. The same government which is respected and loved and appreciated for helping protect us and help make this the best place on the planet to live. To accuse that government of willingly killing these people - it's an outrage.

If you think this government is so Evil, wouldn't it be better for you to move to Canada or Mexico or someplace else and take your HATRED with you? Loyal Americans who trust that the government is doing the right thing in the war on Terror don't need people spreading hate like this.

Sure, we want people who are "watchdogs" to help protect us from REAL government abuses - but this is not the case here. And I don't want to stifle debate or protest in any way - that's part of what makes this a great country, that you and I can disagree. But the conspiracy freaks are GENERATING HATE with no reason other than their unfounded dislike of this particular Administration. Don't you think the terrorists themselves bring enough hate to this country?

This country was built by and is protected by people who have TRUST in their elected leaders.

If you think the government is out to kill you, then do the "smart" thing and move away from the danger.


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