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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

"sounded like a bomb" absolutely does not mean BOMB

This morning (8-8-06) a construction accident occurred in downtown Phoenix. A portion of a two-story concrete parking building being demolished collapsed onto a worker. He is likely deceased - they are digging him out now.

But here's why this event is in THIS blog:

The first eye-witness interviewed said, "It sounded like a bomb went off. All I heard was this huge boom and I looked over and saw dust and smoke."

So. A little portion of a small concrete parking garage collapses, and it "sounds like a bomb" going off. HHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Was it a bomb? No.

I wonder what the sound of a 110-story concrete and steel building collapsing would sound like !!!!!!

So I think any "hearsay" eye-witness accounts of people at Ground Zero hearing "bombs going off" can be completely discounted. It was the concrete pulverizing.

Something else.

When the commercial dumpster guy comes to my company and removes the full dumpster and "drops off" the empty one, when the empty one hits the ground, it sounds a LOT like a bomb going off. Is it a bomb? No.


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