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Thursday, September 14, 2006

More on the force of the concussion of when the plane hit the tower

This from a "blog" of a man who worked on the 26th floor of the North Tower. This comes from his talking to friends and co-workers who were at the building at the time. He was (lucky for him) away on Jury Duty that morning and watched the events from afar. His name is Edward Jerlin and this is his page:


"We were down on the 44th floor when the plane hit our building.
The windows all broke & chairs & equipment, anything near the
windows, got sucked out of the building."

So think about that for a second. When the plane hit, 40 floors ABOVE them, the concussion on their floor was so strong that windows broke and chairs and equipment got sucked out of the windows.

For those who doubt the INCREDIBLE FORCE that the impact of the plane had on the structure of the building, please re-read the above two paragraphs. An impact so strong that 40 floors BELOW the impact zone, windows were shattered and the concussion effect sucked chairs and equipment out of the window. Amazing.

More from Ed's site:

"When we got to the lobby, they let us out of the side of the
building on the 2nd floor, the upper-lobby where all the tourists go."

"All the elevator doors were black & burnt out & mangled at all
kinds of odd angles. There were a couple of inches of water on
the floor. They were hoarding us away from the central courtyard
towards West Street."

"The courtyard was littered with debris & bodies.
I only looked briefly. That was more than I wanted to see.
All kinds of flaming debris was floating around like a meteor shower.
I couldn't begin to describe what that looked like."

"There was a guy just outside the door holding everyone at the door,
making them wait. Then some huge piece of glass or something would
hit the ground. Then he'd yell, 'NOW! RUN! RUN!' He was letting
out 3 people at a time to RUN out of there towards West Street.
Then he'd stop everybody again, followed by something else falling.
He was trying to get everyone out without anyone getting hit by anything.
He was putting his own life on the line to get others out.
I really hope he got out."

"You could feel the heat."

"I'll never get over seeing people jump from the building."

Think about the lobby elevator doors being "black and magngled." That's from the jet fuel pouring down the elevator shafts and exploding. ALL THE WAY DOWN THE THE BOTTOM OF THE BUILDING.

More from the elevator fires:

"One guy I work with, Pat, you remember him?
He was downstairs for a cigarette & waiting for an elevator.
When the doors opened, flames shot out of them & killed the
guy in front of him & the guy beside him almost immediately.
Pat got burns on about 30% of his body, or something like that.
It's amazing he's alive. I guess he's in pretty good spirits
because I heard that he joked with Steve that he's now uglier
than he is. I don't know when or if he'll come back to work."


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