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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

"Inside Jobbers" should get their theories straight.

I have looked at literally HUNDREDS of "conspiracy theory" websites lately. Seems like, to have a mainstream, coherent, believable message, some of those folks ought to get together and settle on ONE theory per 9-11 incident. Here are some of the things I have seen written.

At the WTC Towers:

1. NO planes hit the WTC. It was done with Holograms, and CNN was in on it.
2. Planes DID hit the WTC, but they had missile pods on the bottom which caused all the damage to the buildings.
3. Someone was firing missiles from the roof of the WoolWorth Buiding.
4. It was just "commuter size" planes that hit the buildings, and the bombs inside did all the damage. The planes were just a DIVERSION.

At the Pentagon:

1. It was a cruise missile.
2. It was a missile fired from a helicopter.
3. It was a bunker buster dropped from a C-130.
4. It was a small commuter plane.
5. It was a military jet which hit the Pentagon.

At Shanksville:

1. Flight 93 landed in Cleveland and the passengers disembarked there.
2. Flight 93 was shot down.
3. The damage at the crash site was the missile hitting the ground after Flight 93 had landed in Cleveland.
4. Flight 93 reported an explosion and a fire on the plane.
5. Earthquake data shows Flight 93 crashed a WHOLE THREE MINUTES before the "official" crash time.


1. They are all still alive and living in exile paid for by the CIA.
2. They were all too incompetent to fly a plane which was already in the air (my 10 yr old son could do that)
3. The planes were flown by remote control (that would be a very cool toy to own)
4. Hijackers were CIA patsies only, and the PILOTS flew the planes.

Osama Bin Laden:

1. He's at Camp David.
2. He's been a CIA patsy for 20 years, since we hired him to fight the Russians.
3. He's taking credit for it but did not do it.
4. Although he is responsible (apparently) for multiple OTHER terrorist acts across the world, he did not do 9-11.
5. Pakistan is hiding him for the CIA.

Seems like to me (just a thought) that MAYBE if the "inside job" folks wanted to be taken more seriously, they need to have, like, a seminar or a debate or something and get ONE STORY on EACH ITEM and select that one as the truth as they see it. You know, put together a demonstration of how this happened, what happened when, who did what, and keep it all on the SAME PAGE. Maybe then someone without political bias would take them more seriously.

Ya Think? Ya see the problem? There is NO WAY they could do that. So "one coherent truth" cannot be put forward by the Conspiract Theorists. So in essence, their movement is doomed to be untrue.

Logically, if THEY cannot put one coherent theory together, but WE CAN as the believers that OBL perpetrated the attack, then who is wrong by default?

Think about it this way: The "inside job" folks have had FIVE YEARS to put together a coherent story of what they think happened, and they cannot do it.

The "official story" was basically on the news on 9-12-2001. IT had "one solitary day" to show what happened.

The truth is fast but lies take time.


  • Your getting too deep into something that doesn't matter that much. The world already knows what happened on 9-11. We've moved on, now it's time to stand up to the imperialist, and rebuild a new world, the real world the one that we already believe we exist within.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:43 PM  

  • as much time as a building takes to fall down?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:44 PM  

  • Who cares who is right or wrong, there are real questions that could be answered by our government. Why don't we as a whole demand that they answer them? Innocent AMERICANS where killed, WHY DO YOU HATE AMERICANS?! Why do you hate our troops? Why do you want to send them to be sacraficed for the DEVIL?! Think about it PEOPLE. Jesus never said turn the other cheek and then premtively bomb them before they can strike again. I don't know what kind of fundamentalist Bible school you but you better wake up buddy!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:03 PM  

  • No answer for why you hate america? You just do because you can?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:45 PM  

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