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Monday, October 02, 2006

There Will Always Be "Unanswered Questions" - FOREVER

Something that came to mind today was the way the Conspiracy Theorists are always basing their arguments on "all these unanswered questions." They seem to be thinking "if the official story is correct, why so many unanswered questions?"

Well, just because there are "unanswered questions" does not mean someone is trying to hide something.

In the case of the 9-11 attacks, there are and will always be questions unanswered because of the VERY SHORT TIME FRAME IN WHICH THE ENTIRE ATTACK HAPPENED AND HOW THE EVIDENCE OF THE ATTACKS WAS DESTROYED IN THE ATTACKS THEMSELVES.

All we have is the evidence gathered by the "still living." Like the messages on answering machines left by the people who died on Flight 93. The recorded phone calls by American Airlines while talking to Betty Ong on Flight 11, who has a 23-minute call recorded. The video evidence of the planes crashing into the WTC towers. The DNA of the passengers and crew and hijackers retrieved from Shanksville.

We will NEVER have answers to some of these questions, and that should be OK with most people. But to say, just because there are unanswered questions, that there has been some deception by someone at high government levels - is that not taking a little bit of a logical leap? I'd say it most assuredly is doing so.


  • Whoa, Like hey man, I mean, asking questions of people who have no idea, you could make a career out of that! Oh, like wait, I have.

    I just hope no one asks me where the money comes from for me to give away all those copies like I was a philanthropist or something!

    Ha ha ha ha Box cutters - we have to get some to open the cartons of Loose Change DVD's.

    Hey man, I mean, if you chase shadows you never catch them. If you chase the boogie man, and he's not there, you can chase him forever. Now THAT's the secret of a career selling smoke!

    By Blogger Avery Dylan, at 5:22 PM  

  • You know larry, talking with you here has really helped me understand somethings about myself and this whole 9-11 movement. Maybe your right, it's a useless cause, maybe I should be worrying more about the bigger crimes that are still going on today. You really should see "Iraq for Sale". I think you'd be as outraged by think as I am and maybe this is what more of these CTs should be thinking about. I know 3,000 people died on that day, but that's a very small figure to the amounts we are talking about in this film and blatenly for profit at our finacial expense.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:16 PM  

  • Larry said "The DNA of the passengers and crew and hijackers retrieved from Shanksville."

    Larry you are telling a little ferfie, there was nothing recovered at Shanksville........you twit,

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:52 PM  

  • There are 'unanswered questions' regarding exactly how some epilepsy medications work. But they do. Medicine taken, epileptic fits reduced or completely halted. There are unanswered questions in almost any area of research, but that doesn't necessitate the creation of wild 'alternative' theories. Epilepsy medication really works by magic, of course. Hence the unanswered questions. The government wants to suppress the truth about the existence of magical powers...

    By Blogger Edmund Standing, at 4:09 AM  

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