Osama Did It - Get A Life !!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Recommended reading for anyone interested in WTC events on 9-11

I just took delivery of "102 Minutes: The Untold Story of the Fight to Survive Inside the Twin Towers" by Jim Dwyer. I started it and as of last night was on page 47. It's really a very compelling read, and I can hardly contain my excitement to get back into the pages this evening when I get home. Run, don't walk, somewhere to buy this book if you are interested to know what happened inside the Towers that morning.

Some interesting tidbits I remember:

1. The remains of a man who was on or near the floors in the North Tower directly where the plane hit were found 5 blocks away from the tower. The force of the explosion blew him a distance 5 NY City Blocks from the explosion. Sure, he started from a very high point, but even still - the force of that explosion must have been massive. Can you imagine being someone walking along a city street and looking up and seeing a burned up dead guy coming down out of the sky? My God that's a morbid thought !! Parts of the plane landed in an intersection 4 blocks away also.

2. The last people to leave the Windows on the World restaurant alive ALMOST did not catch the elevator. One of the people in the elevator saw them rushing to catch it and HELD THE DOORS OPEN FOR THEM. What if he had not seen them, or had been in such a hurry that he was not compelled to hold it for them? They would be dust right now. Such is the fragility of life or death on that tragic day.

3. The 106th and 107th floors, 80 feet above the plane crash floors, were soon so smoky that the patrons of the restaurant were virtually overcome with smoke and had very little areas at all on either floor that were not smoke-covered. There was obviously a very LARGE LARGE fire burning below them to cause that situation.

4. Burning jet fuel reached (via elevator shafts) at least as far down as 4 levels below ground level in the North Tower. Most likely the source of the "explosions in the basement" talk that we have heard about.

So far every report of any fire or explosions reported either by phone from people who died or from people who survived and made it out have been a direct result of the plane crash and the jet fuel in the elevator shafts. I'll report more info tomorrow if I have anything new to me.

Friday, October 06, 2006

WTC Elevator Trapped Documentary on A&E Last Night

Adding more first-person evidence to the lack of bombs in the WTC was this special which I watched last night. It was stories of survivors in Elevators at WTC.

Each tower had 99 elevators. 99 ! That's how all the jet fuel fireballs hit the lower floors and started fires down below - all those elevator shafts !!

Think about it in these terms: What kind of a mess do you think it would cause pouring a 55 gallon drum of kerosene down a stairway or an elevator shaft and lighting it on fire? Well, imagine if more than 180 of those 55 gallon barrels was poured down the four stairwells and and the 99 elevators at the same time and lit on fire. No wonder people got incinerated and everything on multiple floors caught on fire !!

One guy who was virtually down at the ground lobby sat in his elevator alone trapped until about 2 minutes before his tower fell. The South Tower collapsing is what allowed him to get out because the power went off and he could finally open his elevator doors without the electronic lock keeping it closed. He said there was jet fuel leaking into his elevator seeping down the walls. So even UNBURNED jet fuel made it to the ground floors, which makes the fact that fireballs came out of the lower floor elevators completely understandable !! Many elevators at impact of the first jet had their cables sliced and fell to the bottom, causing the "explosions" some people heard. An elevator falling 40 or 50 floors will tend to make an explosive sound when it hits bottom !!

One elevator operator on the 78th floor at the time the plane hit on the 93rd floor said "the back wall of the elevator which was wood paneling just peeled down from the top and the fireball came in, caught everyone's upper body on fire, then sucked back out the back of the elevator." Think of the terror those people must have felt !! Talk about "TERRORISM." She says she has not recovered emotionally yet - she is paranoid and scared of everything now. She trusts nothing or no one. That's exactly how the terrorists want to affect us, and why we SHOULD be at war with them. No one should be able to do this to any American citizen and get away with it. Never mind that she survived - she was changed forever and not in a good way.

None of the people they interviewed or either of the authors of books about the elevator survivors said anything about any BOMBS. Not one single person who spent an hour or more or even less said anything about hearing any explosions, other than the sounds RIGHT AT THE BEGINNING seconds after the plane crash of the severed cable elevators dropping.

Monday, October 02, 2006

There Will Always Be "Unanswered Questions" - FOREVER

Something that came to mind today was the way the Conspiracy Theorists are always basing their arguments on "all these unanswered questions." They seem to be thinking "if the official story is correct, why so many unanswered questions?"

Well, just because there are "unanswered questions" does not mean someone is trying to hide something.

In the case of the 9-11 attacks, there are and will always be questions unanswered because of the VERY SHORT TIME FRAME IN WHICH THE ENTIRE ATTACK HAPPENED AND HOW THE EVIDENCE OF THE ATTACKS WAS DESTROYED IN THE ATTACKS THEMSELVES.

All we have is the evidence gathered by the "still living." Like the messages on answering machines left by the people who died on Flight 93. The recorded phone calls by American Airlines while talking to Betty Ong on Flight 11, who has a 23-minute call recorded. The video evidence of the planes crashing into the WTC towers. The DNA of the passengers and crew and hijackers retrieved from Shanksville.

We will NEVER have answers to some of these questions, and that should be OK with most people. But to say, just because there are unanswered questions, that there has been some deception by someone at high government levels - is that not taking a little bit of a logical leap? I'd say it most assuredly is doing so.