Osama Did It - Get A Life !!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm Late On This One I'm Sure

I have just come to realize that most of the Troofers are not REALLY INTERESTED IN THE TRUTH at all. They're just NOT. (I'm sure this has been known by other people but it just hit me hard recently. Sorry to be so slow to catch on !!!)

They are more interested in Bashing BushCo, griping about the war, and trying to prove how much "smarter they are than we sheeple" by their brilliant analysis of the 9-11 events.

It started out innocently enough - some BushHaters getting their little goofy ideas out onto the Web. But from there, it grew into every possible wacko conspiracy possibility and every little simple unanswered question was spun into some deep mysterious evil NeoCon government plan.

It's just kind of sad for them at this point. They are preaching to each other and no one else is taking them seriously. Think of all the good energy wasted that might have been put to good social usage. Sad. Really Sad.